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Take a Tour

We are very enthusiastic about our idyllic corner of France, and we'd love to share it with you. Our small personalized tours can take you off the beaten path to unspoiled villages, sylvan manoirs and gardens, exceptional restaurants and boutiques, as well as to the ateliers and farms of some local artisans.

If you don't have a car but would still like to have a look around the area, our tours will be just right for you. We can organize a tour of the Perche region, the Loire Valley, old town Le Mans or Chartres. We can design a tour based on several themes: gardens, antique shopping, food producers and local markets. Whatever suits your fancy. A full day tour for up to four people is 250€, not including lunch or entrance fees, if applicable.

If you do have a car, we can provide you with maps, suggestions and itineraries. There are wonderful sites to visit in every direction:

South: The Loire Valley, especially Blois, Amboise and some of the major châteaux, such as Chambord, Cheverny and Chenonceau are all easy day trips. Also, the less well-known Loir is even closer and has many beautiful villages, castles and gardens to explore.

West: Le Mans has a beautiful old town which boasts the most well preserved Roman walls in all of France. There is, of course, the famous 24 hour race circuit and car museum to visit. Beautiful gardens, a zoo and many other historic sites are nearby.

North: Many of the prettiest villages of the Perche are just up the road from us. This is a fabulous corner for antique shopping. There are some lovely restaurants and cafes as well. The native Percheron horses are famous, and the area features several equestrian centers.

East: Chartres Cathedral is one of the most significant and attractive in France. The story behind its miraculous rebuilding after a fire in the 12th century is the stuff of legend. It has a famous labyrinth and some of the most spectacular stone carving anywhere. For Proust fans, a visit to Tante Léonie's house at Illiers Combray is a must.