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Printmaking at Maison Cont

At Maison Conti we have a fully equipped etching studio and offer workshops in intaglio printmaking and related techniques. Intaglio images are produced from incised lines below the surface of the plate (generally zinc or copper). Unlike a relief print, for example a woodcut, where the area carved away is non-printing and the untouched surface is inked, an intaglio image is either gouged directly or etched with acid into the plate. The ink is then worked into the image and the smooth surface of the plate is wiped clean and thus does not print. This makes intaglio a very direct method, much like drawing.

The process was first developed by goldsmiths and armorers in the Middle Ages. Decorative motifs were commonly etched into metal by craftsmen. Sometimes the images were rubbed with ink and printed on paper or cloth, not to create a work of art but simply to provide a proof for the patron. During the Renaissance the real artistic potential of the medium was developed. Since then many great artists from Rembrandt to Picasso have used etching as an important means of expression. One need not be a great artist to enjoy the medium. Even simple abstract images are gratifying and surprisingly easy to create using the rich palette of techniques presented in our workshops.

We offer courses for adults and children over 10 years of age, organized around your visit and geared towards your level of experience. The cost of a 1 day course is 100€. If you are an advanced printmaker who would like to use the facilities but do not need training, you can rent the studio for 50€ per day. You can see samples of my etchings here.
For more information or to register, please email us.

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