Quinn's treasures

Quinn's treasures

Today we drove to the east coast of the Pelopennese to see the ancient amphitheater at Epidavros. The site was a famous center for healing in the 6th century BC, and the theater, which seats 12,000, was built in the 4th century BC due to the popularity of the sanctuary there.


The theater is famed for its excellent acoustics. A person standing on the stone in the middle of the ground floor can be heard by all. 


The site is rich in ancient statuary and artifacts. 


A few miles away is the town that bears the same name. We found a restaurant for lunch overlooking the breathtaking vista. 


After lunch we took a very rugged dirt path through a lonely forest towards another archeological site, but realized it was going to be too far and too arduous for the kids. We got a glimpse of it in the far distance.


Quinn pointed out three islands illuminated by the afternoon sun. He thought they made a worthy subject for a photo, and so did I.