We made the correct turn this morning and made our way up the coast to the strategically located town of Náfplio. There is a fortress at the mouth of the harbor as well as one upon the very top of the hill behind the town. It was the capitol of Greece from 1821-1834, when someone presumably pointed out that Athens was the more logical choice.

Bourtzi, built by the Venetians in 1473

Bourtzi, built by the Venetians in 1473

This time of year we don't have much competition. The town is lively during the warmer months, but mostly quiet for us. We enjoyed walking about town, which is pretty and full of shops and restaurants. 


We had lunch at a restaurant on the main square where the waiters were jolly and the food fresh and tasty. 


Yesterday was our dog day, as we met friendly dogs at almost every place we stopped. The kids began. giving them names. Today it was cats. They seemed to be everywhere.


We visited the archeological museum and saw Mycenaean artifacts from 1400-1500 BC.


The second fortress, also built by the Venetians (in the 1680s), is reached by walking the 999 steps to the top of the mountain, where you are rewarded with a stunning view over the town and Aegean Sea. Quinn was eager to go. 


Zinnie, not so much. 


So Rick and Quinn scaled the mountain while Zinnie and I did some drawing at the bottom.


At the Athen's airport where we rented our car, we were told that the one thing we should not miss in Náfplio was the gelato made fresh daily by an Italian guy. We were told to ask anyone where his shop was, since he's a local legend. We were not about to miss that! 


After a rather long and eventful day we came back to our house and Quinn, despite it being nearly dusk and 50 degrees, took a swim. The rest of us just watched in wonder.