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The storeroom, half empty

The storeroom, half empty

We've made a lot of progress going through boxes in Iza's storeroom. We've processed many, many books, records, clothes, tools, etc. Now and again is a box of something really beautiful.

old lingerie in need of a little rehabilitation

old lingerie in need of a little rehabilitation

grandmothers and aunts made lace with these wonderful wooden spools.


We found boxes of handmade delicate linens.


It's nice for Iza to have a little help from a non-family member with no investment in the items. Each object has a story and holds a memory for her so she counts on us to keep on working. I think it is a bit overwhelming to see all these things again!


For us it's just fun.  


This magazine cover from 1988 tickled my fancy. Days of innocence. If they only knew then how nervous we'd be feeling in 2017!