The end of the adventure

Morning view from our house on the Mani peninsula

Morning view from our house on the Mani peninsula

Today was our last day in Greece with the kids. Tomorrow we fly back to Paris and from there we head back home to turn our attention towards the next season at Maison Conti. We drove up through the Pelopennese, crossing the Corinth canal and stopped at a hotel on the mainland coast. The journey was about three hours.

I leave you with a few views of the Bay of Megara. I'm not sure when I'll be back to the blog, but I appreciate your company for the last weeks, and all your kind comments.


Somewhere out there is Hydra

Somewhere out there is Hydra


At the end of the earth


What an incredible part of the world this is! It certainly makes you dream of Odysseus. You can almost believe you see him sailing past... 


We began the day by crossing the river Styx into the underworld, locally known as the Diros Caves. It is a huge series of grottos, navigated by boat.  


We took a counter-clockwise tour of the Mani peninsula though hardscrabble villages carved into the steep mountains.


We visited the temple of Poseidon where we laid our offering next to all the others left by travelers before us. 


It's hard to imagine the kind of rough existence which people have eked out here over thousands of years. Currently the population of the area is 5000 hardy souls, but 200 year ago, 60,000 lived here.


Around every bend in the road is another beautiful view. This is the southern most point of continental Europe.